CNC Machine Shop Equipment

At Rugo Machine Shop Services, we’ve invested in top quality CNC machine shop equipment to best serve your needs. From CNC milling and turning, to Swiss machining, we are your one stop machine shop.

CNC Precision Machining Equipment

CNC Multi-Axis, Multi-Tasking, Turning

  • In 2018 we added the INDEX C200 to our equipment list. This is a twin spindle, three turret, 8 axis milling and turning center equipped with an INDEX 12’ bar feeder, Siemens virtual machine, Industry 4.0 technology built into the controller, and Royal Rota Rack Parts Accumulator.
  • For maximum efficiency we can machine components .5” – 2.625” in diameter on this machine.
  • Examples of components we have machined with this equipment are: commercial valves, and aerospace valves, connectors, fittings and housings.

CNC Multi-Axis, Multi-Tasking, Turning

  • In 2017 we added the DMG Mori NLX 2500 to our equipment list. This is a twin spindle, single turret, 7 axis milling and turning center equipped with a 4’ bar feeder, Celos Industry 4.0 technology built into the controller, a Universal Robotic arm and Royal Rota Rack Parts Accumulator.
  • We can efficiently manufacture a large variety of part sizes on this machine.  We barfeed anything between 1” and 3.1” in diameter and can tend the machine with the robotic arm for parts 3.1” to 14.4” in diameter.
  • Examples of components we have machined with this equipment are: commercial nozzles and fittings, aerospace fittings and housings, and medical camera components.

CNC Turning

  • We’ve been turning parts from the very beginning. Our standard lathe equipment can make a wide variety of parts anywhere from .375” to 16” in diameter.
  • A few examples of parts we’ve made here in the last 13 years are: automotive bushings and collars, commercial spacers, and spindles for military vehicles.

CNC Swiss Milling/Turning

  • Our Swiss machining department has been making parts since 2008. This equipment is best suited for small parts that are .0625” to 1.375” in diameter.  Here we can handle small complex parts with speed and accuracy.
  • In the last 10 years we have made hundreds of thousands of parts on our Swiss machines, a few examples are: Solar mounting system pivot pins and stand offs, aerospace fittings and connectors, microwave connectors, pressure seals, satellite inserts, bushings, clamping brackets and standoffs, and flow metering components.

CNC Milling

  • RMSS’s foundation is in vertical milling. We have 4th axis rotaries and trunnion tables for all our vertical mills.  This allows us to increase efficiency by machining multiple parts at one time using rotary fixtures. We can make parts with maximum dimensions of 20”x20”x25”.
  • Over the years we have used milling to make components for customers in all the industries we work with. Some of the more recent examples are: automotive spindles and control arms, commercial and aerospace manifolds, heat sinks, solar mounting system components. Medical device swing arms and brackets.

Machine Shop Support Equipment

Inspection Equipment

  • Delivering top of the line high quality parts has always been part of the core values at RMSS. We have multiple inspection points throughout our shop.  Our list of inspection equipment is extensive.  A few of our pieces of equipment that are most important to delivering a quality product are our: CMM, comparator, height gages, microscopes, and borescope.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

  • In 2016 we added 3 stage ultrasonic cleaning to our companies’ capabilities. Our customers in the aerospace, defense and medical equipment industries require parts that are FOD free and free of contaminants.  Ultrasonic cleaning is one of the most highly efficient ways to clean contaminants from your parts.  Conscientious of our environmental impact, this method of cleaning uses water-soluble detergents, rather than harsh chemical to remove residue. 

Deburring & MicroBlasting

  • Ensuring that parts are burr free is a typical requirement from most of our customers. We work to develop machining processes that produce parts with minimal burrs.  After machining we have all the necessary hand finishing and vibratory tumbler equipment to further remove burrs.  In our efforts to continuously improve our processes we invested in a Comco MicroBlasting cabinet in 2017, this gives us the added capability when manufacturing small complex components, to ensure our parts are burr free.


  • We have integrated multiple pieces of software to manage and control our production and operations. This gives us the highest level of visibility to make data driven decisions, brining cost efficiency and reliability to making your parts.  Current software integrations include:
    • Global Shop (ERP)
    • Predator (DNC)
    • Zoller (Tool Management)
    • Autodesk Fusion 360 (CAD/CAM)
    • Autodesk Partmaker (CAD/CAM)
    • Autodesk FeatureCam (CAD/CAM)
    • Siemens Virtual Machine
    • Discuss (Inspection)

Laser Marking

  • Whether it is for branding purposes or part traceability, we often have customer requests for part marking. With our Universal Laser machine, we can put your company name and logo on your parts.  Most often we serialize, or part mark required lot information on the CNC machine, but when this is not possible, we can utilize laser marking to meet your traceability needs.


  • When we machine multiple components from one product family for a customer, sometimes they need us to put the parts together. We can do light hand assembly.  If your part requires putting an o-ring in, threading a mating part, light duty press fitting, or other small hand assembly, we can put it all together for you.
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