Top Industries Rely on RMSS for Precision Machined Components

Top commercial/industrial, aerospace, defense, satellite, medical, and renewable energy industry companies depend on Rugo Machine Shop Services for precision machined components.

We’ve built our precision machining process, inspection, and delivery on these core commitments to you:

Reliable and Consistent Production

You depend on a machine shop to provide you with components that meet or exceed your specifications, tolerances, timelines, and costs. Rugo Machine Shop has perfected a process to deliver reliable and consistent production of precision machined parts

Highest Quality and Traceability

You manufacture equipment to the highest quality. You need a machine shop that can meet or exceed those quality expectations. Rugo Machine Shop delivers the highest quality components with extensive traceability for compliance and reporting purposes. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified and consistently deliver components for some of the most demanding industries, including aerospace and defense, medical devices, and more.

High Tech Efficient Manufacturing

Efficient manufacturing produces higher quality and lower cost products. Rugo Machine Shop has implemented new technology to develop highly efficient manufacturing processes which allows customers to benefit from time and costs savings.

Highly Skilled Quality, Engineering & Production Team

The Rugo Machine Shop team brings more than 30 years of quality, engineering and production experience. We meet with your team, listen to your engineers, and our team develops a consistent and efficient production process that will give you the highest quality manufactured components.

Best in Class Equipment

CNC Machines are evolving as technology changes. We have consistently invested to provide our customers with best in class equipment that saves time and improves the final product. These save costs and improve reliability.

Outstanding Customer Service

We care about your business as much as you do. Proactive communication, attention to detail, hitting deadlines, and delivering a superior product are our commitments to you.

From a process perspective, we’ve invested in state-of-the-art tools to facilitate the best performance and lowest cost for your project.

Efficiency and Simulations for a Highly Optimized Precision Process

ZOLLER Tool Management

Our ZOLLER tool management and storage systems maximize the efficiency of our tools and data management related to their usage. These facilitate the systematic management of your production orders and setup sheets. We have full visibility and transparency of our tools and usage throughout the entire process chain, allowing us to make data-driven decisions to maximize efficiency and drive down costs.

Hyperion Tool Presetter

Our Presetter offers automatic measurement procedures, cutting edge recognition, and a unique measuring device for almost all different tool holders. This machine helps us reduce change over time and improve precision operations for your project.

Siemens INDEX Virtual Machine

Our INDEX C200 with Siemens Virtual Machine allows 3D modeling, simulation of machining, collision monitoring, and reduced set up time. This helps us optimize cycle times and precision operations for your project.

Automation for Efficiency and Extended Uptime

Universal Robots UR 10 Cobot

This is a flexible, collaborative robotic arm that automates machine tending. These robotic arms contribute to our highly optimized precision process.

Bar Feeders

We equip all of our turning equipment with a bar feeder to keep your project moving.

Royal Rota-Rack Parts Accumulators

We deploy accumulators to collect finished parts as they come off our CNC machines. This allows us to keep our machines running for long periods.


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