Custom Metal Machine Shop

Rugo Machine Shop Services provides metal machining for some of the world’s most demanding applications. RMSS offers best in class CNC machines and performance.

RMSS specializes in metal machining for custom precision-made components.

We work with these metals:

• Aluminum
• High Nickel Alloys
• Brass
• Alloy Steels
• Stainless Steels
• Inconel
• Titanium
• Exotic Alloys
• Castings/Bar/Plate

Our CNC Metal Machining Processes include:

• Swiss Turning and Milling
• Production Multi Axis, Muti-Tasking, Turning
• Turning
• Milling

Our Support Processes include:

• Ultrasonic Cleaning
• Deburring & MicroBlasting
• Laser Marking & Cutting

Metal Machining Outside Processes We Manage:

• Water Jet Cutting
• Welding
• Electroless Nickel and Bright Nickel Plating
• Anodizing
• Passivation
• Powder Coating
• Tiodize®
• Chem Film

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