Quality Always Counts

RMSS Always Delivers

Lean Practices

We have embraced 5S and a continuous improvement philosophy. This allows us to be clean, organized and efficient with processing our work.


100% of our production runs have in process inspections completed. As appropriate we apply Statistical Process Control (SPC) to these inspections.


Our Quality Management System applies the Plan Do Check Act cycle to our processes. We set high quality objectives for ourselves and are always taking action to improve performance.


At RMSS we use technology as a foundation to drive digital records and data centered decision making. Our ERP system is our central hub for managing all of our records digitally.

Rugo Machine Shop Services has perfected a solution for delivering top quality precision manufactured components.

RMSS delivers the highest quality components with extensive traceability for compliance and reporting purposes. We are able to do that because of our focus on machine shop operations excellence.

We are ISO 9001-2015 certified and consistently deliver components for some of the most demanding industries including aerospace and defense, medical devices and more.

AS9100 Compliant

ITAR Registered

Delivering world class quality parts is one of our core values at RMSS:

We have an unwavering commitment to producing a product that both meets and exceeds the quality expectations of our customers.

Our quality expectations are:

  • Zero defects to the customer
  • Less than 1.5% internal scrap rate (internal KPI)
  • Customer reported quality performance of less than 500 DPPM

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